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Name: Sienna Ayeka Kazama Mishimi

Age: --------

Birthday: March 22------

Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Hair: Ebony black

Height: 5'4

Weight:120 lbs

BloodType: AB

Uniform Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Ramen

Patapi: Amsterdam Valon

Diva: Artemis

Family:  The Hanakoganeis

(adopted, also known as the Lord and Lady Hanakogane )El  Señor y la Señora Hanakoganei)

Fiance: HIH Crown Prince Yoshita Mikihasa Yamato  Yagami of Odaiba, Duke of  Hiroshima, Baron Hokkaido and Lord of Aska Castle (Su Alteza Imperial Príncipe Yoshita Mikihasa Yamato Yagami de Odaiba, duque de Hiroshima, Baron Hokkaido y  Señor de Asakasa Castillo) , Takashi ryugasaki ( by vow)

Best Friends: Crane van Streich, Takashi Ryugasaki and Hibari hanakoganei

Issues and Titles:

2003-2007= HIH Princess Sienna Ayeka Kazama Tekkan Mishimi of Akihabara (Su Alteza Imperial Princesa Sienna Ayeka Kazama Tekkan Mishimi de Akihabara)


2007-present=HIH Crown Princess Sienna Ayeka Kazama Tekkan Mishimi of Akihabara, Duchess of Nagasaki, Baroness Kyoto and Chatelaine of Aska Castle(Su Alteza Imperial Princesa Sienna Ayeka Kazama Tekkan Mishimi de Akihabara, Duquesa de Nagasaki, Baronesa Kyoto y Chatelaine de Castillo de Asakasa)

other titles:

Lady Sienna ( La Dama Sienna)

Princess Sienna( Princesa Sienna)

When spoken to: Your Highness, Your Imperial Highness, Ma'am, My Lady (Su Alteza, su Alteza Imperial, señora, mi señora)


Crown Princess Sienna( Princesa Heredera Sienna)  lost her family to the RosenKruez and has been adopted by the Hanakoganeis after her brother's murder. She was best friends with Takashi and is currently engaged to Prince Yoshita Yagami ( Corona Principe Yoshita Yagami) . However, Takashi has harboured feelings of affection for her and has grown to love her obsessively.

Her Patapi is Amsterdam and her Diva is Artemis. Amsterdam is a patapi with cat ears and wings and has a built in photo album.

Named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Artemis is a blue Diva with white wings and magical abilities. Artemis was awakened when Sienna defied Takashi by saying she would protect Hibari at all costs. A powerful diva second to Errinyes, she can fly as high as Aphrodite. she is also skilled in combat, magic and has psychic powers which connect her to her Anima  Mundi.

Sienna wears a red samurai gauntlet to hide her scar and often wears unusual clothes and designs.

Her uniform consists of the Third Junior High's jacket blouse which is blue in lining, a pink ribbon, a long sleeve white blouse ,a blue skirt, white oversized socks and blue, platform mary jane shoes.

She usually wears her hair in two front pony tails each ending with either a gold or blue sphere-like ornament.

she normally carries the standard bag for school or a messenger bag.

Her rose color affiliates are blue, black and white. When she wears her kimono, she usually wears blue kimonos with obis and accessories. As princess, her imperial robes are a combination of Japanese and Chinese formal wear.

Her hobbies include reading, writing, sketching, having fun with Hibari, singing, dancing and cooking. She is a self-proclaimed expert at baking.

When her royal status became known as Crown Princess or in other titles as Princess Royal ( Princesa Real), the Hanakoganeis were elevated from commoners to nobility, thus making Hibari and Tsubame Duchesses ( Duquesa)

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Responder Dax Van Streich
10:29 Eel 25 Ee marzo Ee 2012 
´know that is late, but, i hope that you had a happy birthday!
Responder Grimreapersakura
9:55 Eel 20 Ee marzo Ee 2012 
Hi hi =)
Responder Dax Van Streich
22:51 Eel 14 Ee junio Ee 2011 
I didnt notice the spanish translations in your profile, good work.
Responder Altair
15:20 Eel 29 Ee mayo Ee 2011 
Hey!, I like you story!, in especilly your PataPi :). And made ​​me want to draw mine.
Responder Dax Van Streich
1:20 Eel 19 Ee mayo Ee 2011 
Thank you for the pictures.
You make make my heart skip a beat, when i saw the manga pages that you added.

Responder Dax Van Streich
22:20 Eel 26 Ee abril Ee 2011 
Welcome! I am happy to see you here!